Co-Curricular Activities

  • Capacity Building Programe/ workshops for life skill development
  • Self Defense Training
  • Fire and Safety Training
  • Communicative English Class
  • Workshops for Value Based Education organized by DIET
  • Technology Based Training (Online/Offline)

Capacity Building Program

Capacity building is a systematic approach of knowledge and skills development. It ensures an organization has the internal expertise to effectively implement change and improve performance.At the individual level, capacity building refers to the process of changing attitudes and behaviours-imparting knowledge and developing skills while maximizing the benefits of participation, knowledge exchange and ownership. At the institutional level it focuses on the overall organizational performance and functioning capabilities, as well as the ability of an organization to adapt to change.

Objectives of the Program

  • To help the students to identify their strength/potential.
  • To provide the students a platform for their holistic personality development.
  • To facilitate the students some basic and fundamental skills.
  • To excel in their field
  • To give them a voice in group,community,society and at school.
  • To build confidence and self esteem
  • To encourage them to take resposibility

Self Defence Training

Self Defence Training is a life skill that helps girls to be more aware of their surroundings and be prepared for the unexpected at any time.Through theself defence training, the girls are taught for become psychologically, intellectually and physically strong enough to protect themselves in time of stress keeping in view, the rising number of crime against girls in the country,it is important to provides self defence training to the schools and colleges to ensure their safety and security.

Fire and Safety Training

Fire and Safety training provides a set of practice and procedure to minimize the destruction caused by a fire hazard. The knowledge acquired from their training helps to equip the learners to compact fire in any unanticipated fire breakout.College gives Fire and Safety Training evey year with the help of Fire and Rescue unit.

Communicative English Class

Spoken English class is given for English speaking beginners who need help to understand the basics of speaking English.This section is handled by English Optional students of our students of our college. This classes conducted by 2 days in a week (Tuesday and Thursday) from 3.00 P.M to 4.00 P.M

Value Based Education organized by DIET

Value education plays an important role in helping students to make the right decisions in difficult situations by weighing the different influencing factors. Therefore, such training can significantly improve their decision-making abilities. The importance of values helps in overall character and personality development. The Values education therefore promotes tolerance and understanding above and beyond our political, cultural and religious differences, putting special emphasis on the defence of human rights, the protection of ethnic minorities and the most vulnerable groups, and the conservation of the environment. DIETs have been established as centers of guidance for educational institutes and schools of the district. It also works as a platform for research and experimental work in education. It also organizes programs to train teachers for new innovations. College offers value based education workshops for teacher trainees with the help of DIET.

Technology Based Training (Online/Offline)

The classroom is now changing its look from the traditional one i. e. from one way to two way communication. Now teachers as well as students participate in classroom discussion. Now Education is based on child centric education. So the teacher should prepare to cope up with different technology for using them in the classroom for making teaching learning interested. For effective implementation of certain student centric methodologies such as project-based learning which puts the students in the role of active researches and technology becomes the appropriate tool. ICT has enabled better and swifter communication; presentation of ideas more effective and relevant way. It is an effective tool for information acquiring- thus students are encouraged to look for information from multiple sources and they are now more informed then before. So for this reason ICT is very much necessary for Teacher Education. So the college offers online and offline ICT based training.

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